Is your party eligible for a luxury Morocco tour? If you’re seven or more, from a family, a religious community, or any other group, we have the perfect Moroccan experience awaiting you.

Planning a luxury group tour to Morocco might seem complicated, but with Shin Luxury Travel, it doesn’t have to be. We handle the difficulties of organizing a group trip – from finalizing accommodations to managing budgets and ensuring everyone’s satisfaction.

Our group tours to Morocco are about more than just sightseeing; they’re about experiencing the very soul of this vibrant country. Morocco, with its cities of various colors – the red Marrakech, blue Fes, and white Casablanca – is an artist’s palette, and we help you paint an unforgettable adventure.

Your Moroccan journey will include a visit to Yves Saint Laurent’s house, the world-renowned Royal Mansour Hotel, mesmerizing mosques, tours to the Atlas Mountains, and cooking workshops with a Berber family. We guarantee door-to-door service and culinary experiences that will delight every foodie in your group.

Our guides are top-tier, providing the same excellent service to you that they’ve provided to the likes of Madonna and Jeff Bezos. We can arrange for live music, fire shows, and hot air balloon rides for a truly magical Moroccan experience.

Trust Shin Luxury Travel to guide you through Morocco’s colorful streets and vibrant markets, and together, we’ll create a luxurious and unforgettable Moroccan adventure.

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