What does it take to qualify for a luxury group tour to Jordan with us? If you’re a party of seven or more people, we have the perfect Jordanian experience waiting for you.

Coordinating a group tour to Jordan could seem daunting at first. With numerous logistical concerns like managing budgets, dealing with emergencies, or just ensuring everyone’s enjoyment, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s where we come in. At Shin Luxury Travel, we free you from the worries of planning and give you a remarkable Jordanian adventure.

Experience Jordan’s enchanting beauty with us. We create customized itineraries that ensure the satisfaction of every member of your group. From the iconic Petra to the mesmerizing Wadi Rum and the soothing Dead Sea, we cover all the must-visit destinations.

Our luxury tours offer more than just sightseeing. Engage in private tours, partake in delightful cooking workshops, and relax in amazing facilities as we cater to your every need. With us, you don’t just visit Jordan; you live Jordan.

Our guides are expert storytellers, bringing Jordan’s rich history and vibrant culture to life. Our itineraries are flexible and adaptive, ensuring everyone, regardless of age or background, enjoys their Jordanian journey.

Join us on a Shin Luxury Travel tour to Jordan, where we blend culture and luxury to offer an unforgettable group tour experience.

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