We understand the intricate process of planning a family trip to Jordan, which is why we’re here to guide you, crafting a luxurious and immersive experience for you and your loved ones.

From our years of curating family trips to Jordan, we’ve uncovered the secret ingredient – genuine, active listening. We strive to understand your family’s distinct needs, aspirations, and dreams, and then design an itinerary that guarantees an exhilarating balance of adventure and relaxation.

Our proficient guides are skilled at crafting a mix of activities that resonate with every family member, regardless of their age. From the youngest child to the most experienced adult, we ensure each individual is actively engaged and brimming with anticipation throughout the journey.

Your family’s Jordanian expedition will traverse breathtaking landmarks such as Petra, the Dead Sea, and the stunning landscapes of Wadi Rum. However, our specialty lies in unveiling experiences off the beaten track, facilitating authentic encounters with the local culture and welcoming locals that contribute to the allure of Jordan.

Entrust us with the logistical details; your focus should be on creating lifelong memories with your family. We concentrate on ensuring you’re stress-free, fully submerged in the Jordanian experience. When it comes to safety, our commitment is unwavering, keeping up-to-date with the latest local news and liaising with Jordanian security authorities.

Our aim is to elevate your travel experience beyond tourism, creating opportunities for you to engage with the local culture, form bonds with the people, and enjoy exclusive, personal experiences. Your journey will be far from the ordinary, filled with delightful surprises that elevate your enjoyment to new heights.

We thrive in the face of “challenges”, as they present us with opportunities to create unforgettable experiences that cater to everyone. Special requests or needs are readily accommodated, and we dedicate ourselves to seeing every detail is attended to, leaving you free to appreciate the wonders of Jordan.

We believe in keeping children excited and intrigued throughout the journey. We tailor activities that align with their interests and passions, ranging from archaeology to outdoor adventures, cooking workshops, and more. Whether it’s a private cooking class with a local chef or a thrilling Jeep tour through Wadi Rum, their curiosity will be stimulated, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Each journey we curate is unique, just like your family. Allow us to orchestrate a magical Jordanian luxury tour that will remain etched in your hearts forever, creating cherished moments that will echo down the generations. 

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