Bespoke Israel Adventure

Indulge in the epitome of Israel luxury travel. Our services are crafted for discerning individuals who seek an unparalleled level of opulence and refinement, taking luxury to a level beyond imagination. Picture a journey where every detail is flawlessly orchestrated, catered to your every desire, and delivered with utmost care.

Elevated Arrival and Immersive Experiences

Prepare to experience a world of sophistication. We’re prepared to arrange your arrival and departure by private jet, ensuring the utmost comfort and privacy from the moment you step foot in Israel. Embrace the opportunity to connect with the highest echelons of Israeli society during private meetings with dignitaries, government officials, esteemed artists, musicians, craftsmen, experts, journalists, academics, and world-renowned chefs.

Exclusive Access and Cultural Richness

We provide a selection of the best level of vehicles that Israel has to offer. Our dedication to providing access to the most exclusive sites means you’ll enjoy special passes and private visits, granting you unrestricted access to Israel’s most treasured locations. Glide through the skies with a breathtaking helicopter tour, capturing panoramic views of picturesque landscapes.

Gourmet Journeys and Insightful Encounters

Savor epic private meals prepared by supreme Israeli chefs at scenic points, where the culinary artistry harmonizes with the beauty of the country. Immerse yourself in the finest locally-produced food and exquisite wines that showcase Israel’s diverse flavors and rich heritage. And, as the sun sets, engage in intimate discussions with influential members of the government, gaining insights into the heart of the nation’s decision-making processes.

We understand the importance of truly listening to our esteemed clientele, ensuring that every aspect of your journey surpasses your expectations. Your desires and preferences are the cornerstone of our meticulously crafted itineraries, promising to exceed your wildest dreams each time you travel with us.

Your quest for the utmost level of service and care is our passion and commitment. Allow us to create an unforgettable Israel luxury tour, where every moment transcends ordinary, embracing you in an embrace of refined elegance and unforgettable moments.

Bespoke Israel Tour - at a Glance

Craft your dream trip to Israel with bespoke experiences. Enjoy private tours, hot air balloon rides, and exclusive dinners. We'll create a personalized adventure from the ground up, tailored to your unique desires.

Day 1: A Grand Arrival

Begin your journey with a grand entrance at Ben Gurion Airport, where a luxury limousine awaits. From the very first moment, expect nothing less than the royal treatment, setting the tone for a journey of unparalleled splendor.

Day 2: Surreal Desert Escapades

Discover the mystical Negev Desert from the comfort of a private helicopter, landing for a bespoke dinner under the stars, crafted by a top chef amid the desert's majestic silence. It’s an intimate experience designed to renew your spirits and deepen your connections.

Day 3: Cultural Immersion

Venture into the heart of the Ramon Crater with a private archaeologist, uncovering secrets of the past tailored to your interests. As dusk settles, enjoy an exclusive concert in the crater, where the acoustics are as stunning as the surroundings.

Day 4-6: Vineyard Voyages and Spa Serenity

Tour private vineyards with the vintners themselves, sampling rare vintages not available to the public. Follow this with days of relaxation at a world-class spa by the Dead Sea, enjoying treatments that utilize ancient minerals for a truly rejuvenating experience.

Day 7-8: Art and History Handpicked

Explore the vibrant cultures of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv through privately curated tours of museums and galleries, each visit tailored to your artistic preferences. Delight in after-hours visits and special viewings of rare artifacts.

Day 9-12: Spiritual Discoveries and Modern Marvels

From the mystical city of Tzfat to the bustling streets of Tel Aviv, immerse yourself in a fusion of ancient spirituality and contemporary luxury. Experience private meditative sessions and bespoke tours of iconic architectural marvels.

Day 13: A Fond Farewell

As your bespoke journey concludes, reflect on the profound experiences and the renewed sense of wonder. Depart with a personalized memento of your journey, a lasting reminder of the timeless connections and luxurious adventures experienced.
Trip planning can feel overwhelming. Let's simplify it!

Drop us a line for a free consultation, and we'll help you map out your luxury tour and crunch the numbers.

What Clients Say About Israel

Zachary Klein-shintours--tyny

Shin Tours flawlessly planned our trip to Israel for my son’s Bar Mitzvah. Our guide, Avi, was incredible, making the trip magical for both kids and adults. The dedication to excellence and perfect experiences created memories to last a lifetime.

Zachary Klein
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Jun 2023
Cindy Shapiro-shintours--tyny

Our winter trip to Israel with Shin Tours was fantastic. Our guide, Amitai, was knowledgeable and engaging, making the tours enjoyable despite some weather challenges. The personal touches and tailored experiences made it a trip of a lifetime for our family.

Cindy Shapiro
Los Angeles, CA Dec 2018
review pic2-shintours--tyny

Our two-week tour of Israel and Petra organized by Shin Tours was unforgettable. They crafted a detailed itinerary that covered ancient, modern, and natural Israel, along with adventurous activities. The personal touches, like a romantic candlelight dinner and a Baptism in the Jordan River, made it truly special.

Adam Jay Schwarz
Baltimore, Maryland May 2023
Marty Edleberg-shintours--tyny

After 46 years of marriage, this was our first trip to Israel, and Shin Tours made it unforgettable. Asaf Peled customized a 12-day tour that covered virtually the entire country, with exceptional guidance from his father, Roni. We highly recommend Shin Tours for their outstanding service and expertise.

Marty Edleberg
Chicago, IL Oct 2018
Debbi Cohen-shintours--tyny

After months of planning, Shin Tours crafted an amazing agenda for my family. Traveling with four kids and six adults isn't easy, but they provided experiences that kept us excited each day. The level of service and flexibility was exceptional, making our trip unforgettable.

Debbi Cohen
Los Angeles, CA, Aug 2018

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