Asaf Peled

CEO & Co-founder at Shin Luxury Tours. 10+ Years of Professional Experience

Like you, I started out as a tour guide. Within my first year of guiding, my career took off and I worked for some of Israel’s wealthiest visitors and tourists. I will share with you the key to my overwhelming success in our exclusive course “Master the art of Storytelling”.
You too can master these skills. At Shin Luxury Tours, we invite you to be a master, become a part of our family, and earn the highest salary in the market today.

Ron Sinai

Business Consultant & Entrepreneur

I’m Ron, an entrepreneur, a tour guide or a storyteller some may say… and a tourism specialist at heart. I have been operating in the field for over 25 years. During this half-jubilee, I’ve helped make dreams come true for people from all over the world who see Israel as their second home. With focus on story-telling and service quality, I have accompanied many of them on life-changing trips here in Israel that still, after a decade or two, resonate and create friendships and business relationships.  I founded the Sinai Connection – a platform that connects Israel lovers to all investments this country can offer and more. As a specialized business consultant in the tourism industry and a member of the Chamber of Consultants, I will contribute to this course with these abilities and more!

Re'em Raizner

CMO & Founder at Shin Luxury Tours

I grew up in Jerusalem, the holiest place on earth, half an hour away from the lowest point on earth. After I completed my army service, there was nothing I wanted more than to travel the world. By the age of 30, I had visited over 50 countries. While travelling, I met many fellow travelers who knew Israel only from news reports. I tried my best to show them my point of view, my beloved homeland, but with limited success. I realized that there is no better way than showing them firsthand all I know and love. With that in mind, my friend Asaf and I decided to establish “Shin.” Together, we’d like to invite you to come and discover the Israel behind the headlines and beyond your dreams.

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In "Master the Art of Storytelling" you will learn:

1: How to listen purposefully and develop your emotional intelligence

2: Identify your clients' needs and connect with them deeply and unforgettably

3: How to tell the story of Israel that will touch their hearts and move them in a meaningful and significant way

4: Expand your knowledge and experience of the local geo-political conflicts; economics; art

5: The business side of guiding, and how to earn more in less time, even when you are not actually out with clients

Upon completion of the course, suitable guides will immediately be hired for our 2022 trips, at 50% more than going rate.

Next Course: May 8 - 18 2022

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