Must-Knows When Traveling to Israel

Must-Knows When Traveling to Israel
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Israel, a country that has been at the crossroads of history, culture, and religion for thousands of years, is a fascinating destination for luxury travelers. However, to make the most of your visit, there are a few things you should know before you embark on your journey.

Respect the Local Customs and Traditions

Israel is a country deeply rooted in religious traditions. When visiting religious sites such as Jerusalem or orthodox neighborhoods, it’s recommended to wear modest clothing. T-shirts with sleeves that fall below the elbow and long skirts or pants are considered appropriate. This is especially important when visiting places like the Western Wall or the spot where Jesus was crucified. 

Moreover, the Israeli weekends start on Fridays and Saturdays, with the Jewish Sabbath setting in at sunset on Fridays. Businesses and public transportation often cease operations during this time, especially in religious areas. So, plan your itinerary accordingly.

Be Prepared for Security Checks

Given its geopolitical situation, Israel has stringent security measures. As a tourist, you will likely be interviewed at the airport before being allowed to enter. Questions may include the purpose of your trip, whether it’s your first time visiting, your occupation, who you’re traveling with, who packed your bags, and more. It’s important to answer these questions honestly and calmly. 

Also, Israel does not stamp your passport when you visit. Instead, they give you a paper visa to carry along with you. Make sure to keep this slip safely, as it is proof that you have entered the country after being checked. 

Be Mindful of the Cost of Living

Israel is a developed country with a high cost of living. Accommodation, food, drinks, and shopping can be quite expensive compared to other destinations. However, there are ways to manage your expenses. For instance, purchasing food from local markets, staying at a hotel where breakfast is included, finding a centrally located hotel, and opting for shared taxis or shuttles can help you save money. 

Israel is a country of contrasts, where ancient traditions meet modern lifestyles, and sacred sites coexist with bustling cities. Understanding these aspects will help you appreciate the country’s unique charm and ensure a smooth, enjoyable journey.


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