Multi Day Tours in Israel

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Celebrate a milestone or just enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. Focus on Israel’s spiritual side, relax on the many beautiful beaches, explore nature, sample local wines and cuisine, or get into the latest Israeli rock sounds. Work together with our experienced, expert guides to plan the perfect tour for you.

Run Year Round

Fully Customizable

3-14 Day Options

Multi-Day Tour Highlights

  • Don’t waste time planning – leave that to the pros.
  • Make the most of your Israel vacation: see the sites that are important to you.
  • Go home with a deeper understanding of the country and of yourself.
  • Create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Trip Details

Season: Year round

Trip Specifications: According to your needs

Hotel Bookings: Usually done through Shin Tours. We give better rates than the Internet, we know which rooms are good in each hotel and we offer room upgrades at no additional cost, wherever possible.

Meeting & End Point: We will pick you up at your hotel in Jeruslaem, Tel Aviv or the Airport

Included: Expert guide and driver, entree fees, activity fees

Not Included: Accommodation, tips for guide and driver

What to Bring: Walking shoes, sunhat, bathing suit, semi-formal outfit

Israel Highlights tour

The Israel multi-day tour is a customizable experience, which can be adapted to any belief system, interests, ages, and level of mobility. Here is our best seller itinerary — 8 days and nights visiting the major cultural and historic sites in Jerusalem, the Judean Desert, Northern Israel, and Tel Aviv — Guaranteed departure every Wed.

Day 1 – Discover The Sacred Old City of Jerusalem

Today’s Highlights:

  • Tour of The Old City of Jerusalem
  • The Western Wall of the Second Temple
  • The Church of the Holy Sepulcher
  • Dome of the Rock
  • The Mount of Olives
  • Remains of Herod’s Temple

Start the morning by meeting your the driver in your hotel lobby. the driver will take you to the meeting point with the rest of the group.  Get ready to begin your exciting  tour!

Explore the Old City of Jerusalem, an extremely important place to followers of the three major monotheistic religions. Learn from your expert guide about the rich history and the deep meaning of Jerusalem to Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Experience the sites holiest to these three faiths: the Western Wall of the Second Temple, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Dome of the Rock, respectively. The Mount of Olives offers a panoramic view of Jerusalem and is sacred to all three religions, instilling it with sanctity in the eyes of half the world.

Your guide will also describe historical events of the long-ago Roman rule of Jerusalem, showing you sights such as the remains of Herod’s Temple and the Cardo.

Day 2 – Old City of Jerusalem

Today’s Highlights:

  • City of David Where the Bible Will Come to Life
  • Caliber 3 Counter Terror & Security Academy
  • Check Out a 2,700 Years Old Engineering Marvel
  • Get an Insider’s View of the Israeli Defense Forces’ Specializations

Wind your way through the twist and turns of the Old City’s picturesque alleyways. Marvel at the history and culture packed into its single square mile. Pick up a few souvenirs of this tour of a lifetime – you’ll be spoiled for choice with the array of silver Judaica, hand-painted Armenian ceramics, traditional Palestinian embroidery and much, much more. Test your bargaining skills. This is the Middle East, after all, where an asking price is just the starting point for negotiations.

Visit the Hurva synagogue, in the heart of the Jewish quarter, a symbol of Jewish revival

Explore the City of David with its 2,700 year old mystery water cistern

Break for lunch and enjoy the best falafel and humus in town! You’ll be eating at an authentic hole-in-the-wall setting. In case you’ve never sampled falafel, a favorite Israeli meal, it’s a sandwich made of spicy fried chickpea balls, served in a pita pocket garnished with humus and all sorts of delicious salads. Very tasty … and vegan-friendly. (Lunch not included in tour price.)

Walk the rooftops of the Old City to admire this fascinating quarter from a unique perspective. Hear personal stories that give you a window into present-day life in Jerusalem, as your guide initiates conversation with a diverse array of locals – priests, rabbis, market vendors, and various colorful characters.

Enjoy a culinary tour of the Machne Yehuda food market.

Day 3 – Discover Jerusalem’s New City

Today’s Highlights:

  • Israel Museum
  • The World Holocaust Remembrance Center
  • Traditional Jewish Sabbath Dinner
  • See The Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls

The Old City of Jerusalem was indeed awe-inspiring, but you will be equally impressed by the thriving New City, capital of a vibrant young democracy.
A highlight of today’s tour is the ever-fascinating Israel Museum, world famous as the home of the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls (which are ensconced in the Shrine of the Book) and the distinguished model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple era. What’s more, the Museum boasts notable permanent exhibits of archeology and art both ancient and modern.

Viewing Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, tends to be a moving experience. As a reminder of the somber events that preceded the modern State of Israel’s founding, Yad Vashem will leave few visitors dry-eyed. On a happier note, in the evening, you will be welcomed as honored guests at a traditional Jewish Sabbath dinner. At this reverent yet exuberant multi-course feast, dress is semi-formal … and be sure to arrive with a hearty appetite!

Day 4 – Explore The Judean Desert

Today’s Highlights:

  • Ruins of Masada
  • Ein Gedi
  • Hiking and Swimming In Natural Pools
  • Waterfalls
  • Nahal David Trail
  • Float in The Dead Sea

Your guide will meet you this morning in your hotel lobby, and together you will set out for the spectacular Judean Desert. The first stop will be the dramatic ruins of Masada, recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site for the dramatic part that it played in the history of Israel. It was in this ancient mountaintop fortress, surrounded by the stark beauty of the Judean Desert, that a small band of heroic Jewish resisters held out against the power of the conquering Roman army … literally until their very last breath.
Take a break from the heat of the desert at Ein Gedi, a gorgeous oasis and nature reserve, which earns a place in history as the spot where David hid from King Saul. Enjoy hiking and swimming through the site’s cooling waterfalls and natural pools, fed by fresh water springs that bubble up from the desert rock. The abundance of water nurtures sweet-smelling flora, both Mediterranean and tropical, together with palms and bulrushes. Native fauna such as hyraxes, ibexes, and assorted species of birds are frequently seen as you explore the Nahal David trail with your guide.
Yes, you really will float like a boat in the shimmering waters of the Dead Sea. Soaking in the salty mineral-rich waves is the perfect way to revitalize and relax. Bring plastic shoes to protect your feet from the Sea’s rough bottom, don’t bring your newest swimsuit (the minerals might damage its fabric), and avoid getting water in your eyes.

Day 5 – Travel to Two Unique Sites

Today’s Highlights:

  • Explore a 1600-Year-Old Roman City
  • Visit a Traditional Kibbutz
  • Sail Through the Sea of Galilee on a Wooden Boat

You’ll check out of your Jerusalem hotel this morning. Travel with your guide to two fascinating, distinctly Israeli places, followed by check-in at your hotel in the North.
Start your day with a glimpse back into history. You’ll be exploring Beit Shean, a 1600-year-old Roman city that was covered by an earthquake and was fully preserved.
The next stop is Sde Eliyahu, a kibbutz to the south of Beit Shean. This small kibbutz combines the principles of Israeli collective living with the religious philosophy of Orthodox Judaism. The residents are pioneers in an exciting organic farming method, BIO BEE, which relies on natural pollination and environmentally friendly biological pest control; they also supply specially designed beehives to other fledgling organic farms. Tour the kibbutz grounds and meet its idealistic, deeply committed members.

Day 6 – The Golan Heights

Today’s Highlights:

  • Stunning Views From The Golan Heights
  • Visit a Local Winery and Chocolate Factory
  • Off-Road Jeep Tour
  • Pass Through the Demilitarized Zone

Explore the Golan Heights, a dramatic-looking region of basalt fields, created by the eruptions of nearby volcanoes and edged by limestone mountains. Ramat Hagolan, as it is called in Hebrew, is notable for its tumultuous history; it has been fought over by many nations throughout the ages due to its strategic position. The Heights overlook present-day Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. It is also a region of great natural beauty, especially lovely Mount Hermon and the magnificent Banias Waterfall.
Jews comprise 80% of Israel’s population; the other 20% form a fascinating mosaic of cultures, such as the Druze people, a small but distinct ethnic group, with about 170,000 members living in Israel. Four Druze villages are found in the Golan Heights. Although the Druze monotheistic religion stems from Islam, their leadership supports the State of Israel and has called for adherence to the Seven Noahide Laws.
The most critical battle during the 1967 Six-Day War was fought at Mitzpe Golani and is the basis for Israel’s capture of the Golan Heights to protect its Northern villages against future attacks from this strategic spot. The trenches from this fierce battle may still be viewed today. Your guide will recount for you the history behind the formation of Israel’s Northern borders, looking as far back as the 1920s Sykes-Picot Agreement, discussing the UN partition plan of 1947, and the events leading up to the Six-Day War.
Visit an Israeli local winery and chocolate factory.
Golan Heights Jeep Tour: Tour off the usual tourist routes in an intense two-hour jeep ride. The highlight will be driving through a working agricultural kibbutz, as your expert guide describes life in this northerly region of Israel. You will also delve into the fascinating topic of kibbutz life, examining both the historical perspective and today’s realities, including the necessity for diversification and modernization.
Next, you will head off-road, traveling into the demilitarized zone. You will view Israeli bunkers and military positions as you drive along the border with Syria (security conditions permitting). You will hear from your guide an informed analysis of the current state of turmoil in Syria and its significance for Israel, together with important background information on Israel’s relationship with her Northern neighbors, historically and up to the present day.

Day 7 – Wonder at Mystical Tzfat and Old Akko’s Remarkably Preserved Ruins

Today’s Highlights:

  • Visit Israel’s Highest City
  • The Old City of Acre
  • The Colorful Arab Market
  • Underground Prisoners Museum

Meet your guide in your hotel lobby once again. Today you will be heading west and then southward to Tel Aviv. Visit Tzfat and Akko on the way.
Tzfat is an ancient city of the Galilee, steeped in history and mysticism. Perched at an elevation of 900 meters, Tzfat is the highest city in Israel, fitting for the spot which is considered the birthplace of the Kabbalah. This lovely place is notable for a number of outstanding attractions – amazing views of the surrounding landscapes, its annual klezmer festival, many small jewel-like synagogues, and its extensive Artist’s Quarter, in the old section of the city.
The Old City of Acre (or Akko, to give its Hebrew name) is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site … and deservedly so. The remarkably well preserved ruins will carry you back in time to the days of the Crusaders. You’ll be awed by the underground escape tunnels leading to the sea and the marvelous halls of the Knights Hospitalizes, as your guide recounts tales of the Crusaders’ exploits.
Time permitting, your guide will show you other treasures of Acre, including the second holiest mosque in Israel (which houses a hair from Muhammad’s beard); the colorful Arab market; and the renovated Underground Prisoners Museum honoring Jewish resistance fighters whom the British imprisoned and oftentimes executed during the period of the Mandate from 1920-1948.

Day 8 – Get to Know The Impressive Twin Cities of Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Today’s Highlights:

  • Explore the Sister Cities
  • Discover Carmel Shuk
  • Meet With An Israeli Entrepreneur
  • Visit The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

thrill to their exciting contrasts.
Jaffa is one of the world’s oldest ports, full of stories from diverse eras – Ancient Egyptian, Old and New Testament, Roman, and Napoleonic, to name a few.
Tel Aviv is the first modern-day Hebrew city, constructed atop the barrenness of the sand dunes Visit Neve Tzedek, which is not only the oldest neighborhood but also the prettiest. Drink in the exciting atmosphere of the Carmel Shuk (open-air market), which offers fresh produce, culinary delights, bargain-priced clothing, and much, much more, reflecting the diverse cultural of backgrounds of Israel’s citizens. (NOTE: The market is closed Friday afternoon through Saturday.)
Israel is fast gaining an international reputation as a world-class center of innovation and high tech, much of it concentrated in the Tel Aviv area. This has earned the “Big Orange” a second nickname – “the city that never stops.” Fittingly, your tour will feature a meeting with an Israeli entrepreneur, a visit to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), and a demonstration of some of the latest Israeli technological developments.

Good to Know:

Safety: We take your safety seriously. Our drivers are highly trained and our vehicles well-maintained, with an annual inspection. We know the local scene and keep up to date on the security situation.
Guides: Check out the guide page here.
Food: Enjoy modern Israeli cuisine for lunch – a fusion of Mediterranean ingredients and international flavors. Each day your group will have a different culinary experience at trendy, modern restaurants. For dinner, your guide will recommend excellent local eateries for you to try. (Lunch and dinner not included in tour price.)
Worth Noting: Please don’t talk on your phone or take photos at the Sabbath dinner.


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