The Middle East in a Private Jet

We believe that our travel agents are the backbone of creating unparalleled journeys. This is why we crafted an unprecedented FAM trip that will redefine luxury travel: 


The Middle East in a Private Jet


This one-of-a-kind tour will whisk you away to the wonders of Egypt, the innovation of Israel, and the timelessness of Jordan—all on a private jet, comfortably and luxuriously. 

Beyond just familiarizing you with these incredible destinations, this exclusive journey is meticulously designed to immerse you in the kind of profound, personalized experiences that we commit to create for your clients. This tour won’t be just about exploring captivating lands but also, and most importantly, gaining first hand insight into the limitless possibilities for creating your clients’ dream vacations.


We’re incredibly excited to invite you, our invaluable travel agents, on an adventure that’s going to redefine luxury travel. Our all-new FAM trip, “The Middle East in a Private Jet,” isn’t just about getting to know these captivating destinations—Egypt, Israel, and Jordan. This is about giving you first-hand experience in the transformative, jaw-dropping journeys you’ll be offering your clients. You’ll travel in the comfort and luxury of a private jet, taking each day to its limit and unraveling the complex tapestry that makes these countries so unforgettable.

In Egypt, we’re not just ticking off the must-see sights. Imagine savoring an exclusive dinner inside an ancient pyramid, lit only by the soft glow of Arabian lanterns, or boarding a private cruise to sail the Nile as the sun dips below the horizon. These aren’t your average tourist activities; these are personally curated experiences designed to inspire awe and redefine Egyptian luxury.

Over in Israel, we’re pushing beyond the headlines and diving straight into the innovation and resilience that makes this country unique. Picture yourself exploring Tel Aviv’s thriving tech scene one day and floating weightlessly in the Dead Sea the next—all while dining on gourmet Israeli cuisine that’ll tantalize your taste buds. 


Lastly, we’ll transport you to Jordan’s timeless landscapes. Wander through the stone-carved city of Petra at dusk, with no one but your private guide and the stars for company. Or take an off-road jeep tour through Wadi Rum, witnessing the grandeur of the desert at golden hour. 


This FAM trip isn’t just an orientation—it’s an elevation. It’s about understanding the infinite possibilities for profound experiences and unparalleled luxury that you can offer your clients. And trust us, when you’ve soared over these ancient lands in your private jet, felt the winds of history and touched the textures of bygone civilizations—all while savoring the modern luxuries we’ve curated for you—you’ll understand why Shin Luxury Tours is the gold standard for extraordinary travel.

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